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If you have a design in mind then that is a great start, however this is only the beginning. From here we need to get things down on paper, to visualise the concept of your ideas. Sometimes things only become clear when you’ve got them on paper and can see layouts. Do things work the way you think they will? Is there going to be enough light coming into those area’s of the house where such is important. Is there going to be sufficient ventilation, especially since now we seem to be going into the realms of much hotter summers?

What sort of finishes are required, taking into account the buildings use, e.g. small children cats or dogs… and do these finishes require a durability that will cope with the knocks of everyday life? Are there budding musicians in the family, will sound proofing be required? These are a small number of examples of questions that will be asked when we are engaged as a design and build contractor.

If you already have engaged an architect for the design process, we will carry out the work to the letter, or adjust and alter things as the work proceeds to your requirements. Things tend to change as the project progresses as clients often see or realise that doing something another way will suit them better. We will always accommodate the request to alter something……without fuss!

If you would like us to recommend an RIBA registered architect we would be happy to do so. If you are unsure of what exactly you want and really need a design concept put into place, then this is the route to go down. RIBA architects are trained to put forward design concepts that could meet or exceed your expectations.

The Build

Our ethos is ensure that the build process is as least disruptive as possible. However it must be remembered “You can’t make an omelette without cracking an egg”. We’ll ensure that dust and dirt are kept to a minimum and that at the end of each working day the site is as clean as is practically possible. We try to be accommodating in making sure that things are kept working for you, the client, right up to the last minute when, “change overs take place”. This is especially true of kitchen refits, where we will often put in a temporary sink so meals can be prepared. Important for people with young families!


On completion of the works, we will ensure that the site is left clean and tidy. All documentation is completed and building regulation compliance certificate is issued.