Loft conversion walk through

The first thing that will happen is probably the erection of a scaffold on the outside. The extent of the scaffold will of course depend on the size of the loft conversion and whether it has dormers windows and such like. Generally though for a loft that does not have dormers or hip extensions, then the scaffold will be that of an access scaffold. Normally a tower type, with a nice large loading bay area, if the site space permits.

Access opening

The above is typical of the access opening made in the roof. Through this all the materials for the conversion work at this level will be brought into the building and all the waste materials will be removed through it. If the height is sufficient to warrant, then a waste Shute might be employed. Through this, all the debris can be passed and will hopefully go straight into a waste skip.

The loft conversion that we are going to walk through in terms of construction was undertaken some years ago, but was possibly one of the most challenging in terms of structural alterations required to make it all work. This loft conversion provided a study, large landing area, shower room and double bedroom. Whilst no dormer windows were installed, large Velux windows were incorporated into the roof giving stunning views over the Exe Estuary.

Views over the Exe Estuary

The front view of the property makes it all look very small. However the property then went back and wrapped around at the back, and the roof had some very interesting details. For now I’ll just give you the bare bones. We see what things look like prior to anything going on in the next Post.

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